Forensic Intelligence

Identity Intelligence (I2) is a game-changer. Raw exploitation collections are fused with other intelligence and contextual information to produce useful and actionable intelligence products that help customers quickly identify and verify potential threats in CONUS, OCONUS Forward Operations Base settings.

Our team of subject matter experts (SMEs) with operational and tactical skills experience, combined with our innovative products and technology, enable intelligence and defense community customers to strip away the anonymity of enemy combatants, terrorists and criminals.

Our SMEs have a comprehensive period of instruction for I2 analysis. All new analysts are trained in customer SOPs and community of interest best practices. Our analyst trainers can work along or in conjunction with technicians to provide training to tactical users of the I2 architecture, DoD schoolhouses and interagency intelligence community partners.

We can also source, identify and recruit identity talent to help you build a high-quality intelligence team anywhere in the world. Contact us at for the I2 support you need.

I2 Capabilities


  • Analyze biometric, CELLEX, MEDEX, DOCEX data
  • Production of Biometric Rollups, CELLEX reports, DNA summaries
  • Respond to tactical operation submissions in near real-time
  • Vet personnel receiving military training
  • Produce discoverable intelligence reports
  • Manage Biometric Enabled Watchlist (BEWL)
  • Analyze networks

Case Managers

  • Support identity intelligence operations worldwide
  • Identify trends and networks
  • Understand and attack the network targeting key persons of interest
  • Develop vignettes
  • Manage Biometric Enabled Watchlist (BEWL)

Computer Forensic Analysis

  • Process, exploit and disseminate (PED) digital media
  • Conduct PED of CELLEX and DOCEX
  • Aid in testing of new DOMEX related equipment
  • Respond to tactical operation submissions in near real-time
  • Maintain and learn new forensic tradecraft