You are a forensic science professional. You know the value of cutting-edge knowledge and sharp skills. We can help. 

We're your resource for relevant, applicable and immediately useful training, whether you are pursuing your next level degree, certificates or team refreshers. Our hands-on training and online courses set the standard for continuing education. We offer non-credit and for-credit programs that can help you expand your education and build professional skills. 

For-Credit Courses

Course Name (Credits)TypeDelivery (Meetings/Week) - Generally Offered
CHS 3501 Survey For. Science (3)Core (Certificate)Traditional - Every Fall
CHS 4533 Forensic Biochem Appl. (3) (Cross-listed with BSC 5406, BSC 4401)Core (Certificate)
CHS 4503 Forensic Science (3)Core (Certificate)Web Assisted - Every Spring
CHS 3510C Forensic Evidence (3)Core (Certificate)95% Web Based - Every Fall
CHS 4591 Forensic Sci. Internship (3)Core (Certificate)Forensic Lab - Every Semester
CHS 5535 Forensic Analysis (3)Core(MS)95% Web Based - Every Fall
BSC 5406 Forensic Biology (3)Core (MS)Web Assisted (1) - Every Fall
CHS 6936 Forensic Colloquium (3)Core (MS)Traditional - Every Semester
CHS 5542 Forensic Chemistry (3)Core (MS)Web Assisted (1) - Every Spring
ElectivesStudents choose electives across Biological Sciences and Chemistry and Biochemistry in consultation with their advisors.

Free Workshops

The Global Forensic and Justice Center at Florida International University is dedicated to supporting the justice community through innovative research, programs, evaluation of the latest technologies, forensic science education and laboratory quality reviews. Our goal is for all stakeholders to receive and provide the highest level of forensic science services.

As part of this commitment, we are making available our nearly 30-year archive of training material, symposia, poster presentations, and technical evaluations.

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