Immersive Scenarios

Our training facilities cater to each facet of forensic practitioner education, from classrooms to laboratories to mock crime scenes, and can be configured to simulate a variety of settings for the warfighter or crime fighter.

We provide extensive facilities specially designed to facilitate hands-on, scenario-based training. Click each link below for a virtual tour:

  • State-of-the-Art Training Labs

    In our DNA, chemistry and biometric training laboratories, students can gain hands-on experience with a full range of advanced analytical equipment.

  • Sensitive Site Exploitation

    An array of environments can be simulated to prepare warfighters for the demands of in-theater forensic investigations. In addition, a mobile forensics laboratory is available.

  • Explosives Training

    Vehicles in a variety of pre- and post-blast states are available for scenarios involving explosives, drug possession, and death investigation.