Veterinary Forensics

Forensic science does not just serve humankind. It can be a crucial tool to solving animal cruelty or convicting wildlife traffickers. The Global Forensic and Justice Center has developed key partnerships to help develop and/or administer training to connect the forensic veterinary laboratories to the officers sworn to protect the two- and four-legged inhabitants of our world.


    Our partnership with the ASPCA provides educational opportunities in veterinary forensics for FIU students as well as professional development courses for law enforcement agencies and other professionals combating animal cruelty. Courses will be offered in two tracks: Veterinary Medicolegal Investigations and Animal Cruelty Investigations.

    Courses now available:

    • Veterinary Medicolegal Investigations (Undergrad: BSC 4934, Graduate: BSC 5935)
  • New Horizon Canine Training

    New Horizon Canine Training, Inc. is a Florida-based non-profit that connects trained canines with disabled humans. Together, we will explore areas of research to improve services and training methods.

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