Science Communications

Scientists have a responsibility to share their work and findings, with the public at large. What can be difficult is creating a dialogue that allows non-colleagues to understand and comprehend such complex terminology and jargon. The GFJC has a two-prong approach to making science communication effective – public outreach and professional training.

  • Public Outreach

    With camps for kids that introduces them to real, not Fauxrensics, and free downloadable classroom resources, we can stop the CSI Effect before the students are old enough to sit in the jury box. We provide teacher training tools and materials to assist in forensic science curriculum from kindergarten to 12th grade. We also produce video content aimed at explaining the complex science you may see in the headlines in simple-to-understand methods.

  • Professional Training

    Whether it’s supporting the graduate certificate in Science Communications at the FIU College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts, or creating professional development opportunities to share best practices through our Annual Forensic Science Symposium, we are here to support professional science communication. We advocate for communication between the science, legal and public silos to unite the sciences for justice.