The Forensic DNA Profiling Facility provides state of the art DNA analysis services of both human and nonhuman DNA. Coordinating with various lab facilities at Florida International University, the facility supports cutting-edge research and teaching and also provides services for local crime labs

We support local law enforcement agencies including the Miami-Dade Police Department, Broward County Sheriff's Office and Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. 

A researcher's hands are seen removing a sample vial from a tray.
  • Instrumentation
    • Stratalinker
    • MiSeq FGx Sequencer
    • iScan Microarray System
    • BioRad T100 thermocycler
    • Eppendorf thermomixer
    • Eppendorf refrigerated thermomixer
    • 3x Eppendorf 5415D benchtop centrifuges
    • Eppendorf Vacufuge
    • BioRad C1000 thermocycler
    • Eppendorf 5804 centrifuge + deep well plate rotor
    • 2x Eppendorf 5430 Refrigerated Centrifuges
    • 2x High Speed Digital Microplate shakers
    • PBI barocycler
    • Maxwell 16 automated extraction system
    • Freedom EVO-Tecan Robotic Liquid Handler
    • ABI 310 Genetic Analyzers
    • ThermoFisher ABI SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer
    • 2x Hybridization ovens (Illumina Microarrays)
    • Vacuum dessicator
    • Thermal plate sealer
    • Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer
    • Qubit 4.0 Fluorometer
    • Quant Studio 3 High Resolution Melt PCR System
    • ProFlex thermocycler (96-well block)
    • Eppendorf D30 Biophotometer
    • OMAX digital microscope
    • Ohaus analytical scale
    • 3x laminar flow hoods
  • Software
    • Sequencher (one PC license and one Mac license)
    • CLC Genomics workbench (Network license) with Microbial workbench (2 desktop licenses)
    • Geneious
    • BaseSpace (Illumina) Commercial Subscription
    • Illumina Experiment Manager/Sequencing Analysis Viewer
    • Illumina GenomeStudio+Methylation
    • ExactID
    • PrimerE, version 7
    • GeneMapper v3.7
  • Services

    Our facility offers a variety of services ranging from case work to validations as well as support for research. Please contact Christina Burns with questions, scheduling and information on pricing.

    Service DescriptionUnit BaseInternalExternal
    DNA Fragment Analysis Per sample$5$16
    Real-Time PCR (min 8 samples, incl. calib. stds)Per sample$14$34
    Cannabis DNA TypingPer sample$44$65
    Presumptive species IDPer sample$13$19
    Human and Non-human DNA IDPer sample$17$26
    DNA Extraction from environmental samplesPer sample$18$100
    DNA Extraction from biological samplesPer sample$22$32
    DNA quantification - (min 5 samples, incl 2 stds)Per sample$6$9
    Faculty use I (Instrument hours)Per 30 minutes$8$19
    Faculty use II (Unsupervised bench work)Per hour$24$35
    Faculty use III (Supervised bench work)Per 30 minutes$15$21
    Faculty use IV (Long-term use reservations)Per lab/day$41$798
    Technical training I (Bench training - new users)Per 30 minutes$13$87
    Technical training II (New instrument users)Per 30 minutes$6$21
    Sanger Sequencing (amplicons of 40-800 bp)Per sample$10$20
    NextGen DNA sequencing run (>30 hours)Per run$322$1123
    NextGen DNA sequencing run (up to 30 hours)Per run$289$617
    Specialized Lab Tech ServicesPer hour$30$96
    NextGen/Microarray ConsultationPer hour$30$44
    Project service technician IPer hour$12$18
    Project service technician IIPer hour$16$24
    Project service technician IIIPer hour$19$28
  • Facility Research

    The research conducted at our facility under the supervision of Dr. DeEtta K. Mills focuses on the development of DNA profiling methods for nonhuman organisms such as soil microbial communities, equines, plants, fungi and others.

    Ongoing research projects in our facility include:

    • Spatial autocorrelation of soil biota profiles with soil type across Miami-Dade County.
    • Study of bacterial growth, on bacteria obtained from soil, in the presence of iron and Oxytetracycline.
    • Surveillance of tetracycline-resistance genes (tet genes) within antibiotic-resistant soil bacteria communities found in Miami-Dade county soils and comparison across the different soil types to discover diversity of these genes.
    • Investigation of the diversity of Vancomycin Genes in Microbes in Sub-Tropical Soils.
    • Comparative analysis of freshwater and marine cyanobacteria to determine the role of iron in community virulence and black band disease in corals.
    • Major Histocompatibility Complex genes as genetic markers in the conservation and management of wild equids.
    • Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) genetic profiling for domestic and wild equine subjects
    • Coat color genotyping determination on wild mustangs
    • Canine olfaction for the detection of pathogens such as Raffaelea lauricola in laurel wilt diseased avocado trees

Contact Us

DeEtta Mills

DeEtta Mills

Director of International Forensic Research Institute; Associate Professor; Chairperson, Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences; International Forensic Research Institute

Office: OE 116A

Phone: 305-348-7410


Christina Burns

Christina Burns

Lab Manager II

International Forensic Research Institute

Office: OE 127C, OE 118, OE 120, OE 123, OE 258

Phone: 305-348-0498


Specialty: DNA Profiling Facility Manager