ROTC Biometrics and Forensic Internship

Each summer since 2009, we have been proud to provide basic forensic science training to a cadre of ROTC Cadets from across the country at no charge to the participants or their units. Students participate in classes, labs and practical exercises to gain first-hand knowledge and experience about the capabilities and assets currently being employed by United States military around the world. In addition, the Cadets build skills such as leadership, decision-making, and prioritizing actions under pressure.

This rigorous, two-week, one-of-a-kind Biometrics and Forensic Internship is exclusive for 12 ROTC Cadets from around the country. Accepted Cadets will learn cutting-edge biometric and forensic identification and collection techniques, an area of growing importance to our nation’s security.

Biometric and forensic science is a capability that continues to grow in importance on today's battlefields and in special operations. The ability to properly collect and document evidence in hot zones and battle sites provides actionable intelligence and identification information that can make the difference for operators. During the internship, the Cadets will learn basic forensic training and get hands-on practice applying crime scene investigation techniques in our unique training facility. The course includes crime scene investigation, improvised explosive devices and post-blast investigation, firearms, biologics, trace and computer forensics.