Advisory Board

The Advisory Board enhances communication between the Institute, the law enforcement community and other forensic science centers concerning:

  • The need for university courses, training programs and certification programs.
  • The need for research to clarify difficult forensic science or law enforcement problems.
  • Experts available to assist the forensic science and law enforcement community.
  • Opportunities for extramural support for research programs.
  • Opportunities for collaboration between forensic science research groups around the world.


  • John M. Allison Sr. Solutions Development Corporation
  • Dr. Diane Boland Director, Miami-Dade Medical Examiner, Toxicology Laboratory
  • James J. Cali, CPA Bi-State Development Agency dba METRO
  • Brad Campbell Director, DEA Southeast Laboratory
  • Cristian Carranza Administrative Director Office Innovation and Accountability, MDCPS
  • John W. Ives President, Eagle 32 Innovative Solutions, LLC
  • Craig Johnson President & CEO, Field Forensics Inc., Largo FL
  • Jarrett Kolthoff President & CEO, SpearTip
  • Michael S. McCampbell Managing Director, Center for Innovative Public Policies, Inc.
  • Mitchell R. Morrissey District Attorney of Denver (Ret.)
  • Layda Nasr Principal, Law Enforcement Memorial High School, Miami-Dade County Public School
  • Claudine Carter-Pereira Director, Broward Sherriff's Office Forensic Laboratory
  • Stephanie Stoiloff Senior Bureau Commander, Miami-Dade Police Forensic Lab
  • Anthony J. Tambasco Director, Mansfield Police Forensic Science Laboratory, Mansfield, OH
  • Agnes Winokur Associate Director, DEA Southeast Laboratory
  • Tate Yeatman Director, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

This committee convenes to further clarify the vision and mission of the Center and to assist in establishing goals, priorities, and future directions for growth.

  • Dr. DeEtta Mills Director, International Forensic Research Institute; Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Jose Almirall Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Director, Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science
  • Dr. Kenneth Furton Director Emeritus; Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Chief Scientific Officer, FIU; Executive Director, Global Forensic and Justice Center, FIU
  • Dr. Bruce McCord Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dr. Kalai Mathee Professor, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
  • Stephanie Stoiloff Bureau Commander, Miami-Dade Police Crime Lab
  • Oliver Spicer Forensic Chemistry Section Chief, Miami-Dade Police Crime Lab